What do you need a business plan for? Are you considering to apply for a (bank) loan? Or maybe you are new in the Netherlands and need a start-up visa at the IND? And does the plan have to be written from scratch or maybe you already did research of the market?


These are some of the questions I ask during a consultation. Then I estimate how much time I need to make sure that I help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals and give you a custom price.

To give an indication, the prices are around:

€800 for a plan that you will use for yourself and not for a third party

€1000 for a plan that is suitable for a loan from the bank of Qredits

€1200 for a plan with which you can submit an application at the IND


After you receive a positive outcome of the business plan application, I can instruct you how to arrange your bookkeeping, so that it is in line with the Dutch tax law. You can also approach we with any other questions you have regarding the ins & outs about setting-up and running a business in Netherlands.


For these type of consultations I work with an hourly fee of €60.


The prices are excl. 21% VAT.

What does a Business Plan Cost?

*Prices are excl. VAT

Want to know more about business plan?

Horizon Advisor offers a first free of charge consultation and intake. It is possible to schedule a meeting at any location in the Netherlands.


Prices are excl. VAT.

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€ 60/-

Hourly Rate

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€ 800/-

Business Plan

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