For Starting Entrepreneurs

Horizon Advisor helps entrepreneurs establish a business in the Netherlands.

The path from the business idea to actual implementation can be bumpy if you don't exactly know how to navigate. You see the horizon and want to go for it, but there are still many obstacles and questions.

How do I write a business plan and apply for funding? What kind of business plan do I need to apply for a self-employment residence permit at the IND?

Horizon Advisor understands the needs of a start-up and offers customized support, so that you can focus on doing that what you're great at.


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"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

My name is Svetlana Sonas and I work with expats in the Netherlands who want to open a business here.

My main line of work is writing business plans for different purposes. Besides that, I support entrepreneurs with filing quarterly taxes. I am attentive to details while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

You can find more information about my background and experience on my LinkedIn profile.

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Business Plans - How it works

The process generally runs as follows:


Discuss the business idea and purpose of the plan.

First draft

Prepare the business and financial plan based on the intake.


Check whether the plan is a good reflection of the idea and collect the missing information.


Make adjustments based on your feedback.


Finalize the plan.

What others say

Bookkeeping and tax advice

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I am happy to help you run the bookkeeping of your company. The Dutch tax system is not too complicated, but it can be challenge to navigate through it if finance is not your favourite topic.

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