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Horizon Advisor is a business plan consulting firm specialized in writing business plans for starting and established entrepreneurs.

The road from the business idea to implementation can be bumpy if you do not know exactly how to navigate. The reality is that many startup entrepreneurs do not. You see the horizon, and you want to go for it, but there are different obstacles to overcome along the road.

While a business plan does not appeal to everyone, it can be a critical factor in getting your business off the ground. At Horizon Advisor we understand the needs of a startup business.

We can support you in handling your business plan professionally with tailored guidance to your specific scenario, so you can actually get to do what you are best at: doing work for your clients.


My name is Svetlana Golubova and I support my clients in getting the most out of their journey from the business idea towards actual implementation.

Writing a business plan is often a big challenge for (starting) entrepreneurs. 

My specialty is to assist entrepreneurs in writing business plans. Analyzing the internal and external business environment and preparing the marketing and financial plan are a few of the key elements.

You can find more information about my professional background and experiences on LinkedIn

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Bussiness Plans

Horizon Advisor is specialized in preparing tailor-made business plans for startup firms.

Here is how the work approach looks like:



Discussing the business ideas and the purpose of the business plan.

Market research


Reviewing the market to determine the opportunities.

Draft plan


Preparing the business and financial plan.



Evaluating if the plan is a good reflection of the business idea.



Finalizing the plan.

Other Services

Marketing Communications

As part of the services for (startup) firms I help entrepreneurs and SME’s design and implement an all-round marketing strategy including: PR and communications, visual identity (graphic design), web-development, internet marketing and social media. I work together with relevant partners who have the necessary complementary expertise.

Financial Administration

I am also there to help you doing tax return declarations. It is imporant to get the administration right from the start. Prices are available upon request.


Horizon Advisor prepared tailor-made business plans and provided support with application for funding for a variety of companies from different industries.

Other projects from the portfolio:

  • Real estate investment company;
  • All-round artist management company;
  • Centre for dancing and spiritual development;
  • Beauty salon;
  • Plus-size clothing brand;
  • Short-stay rental company;
  • Educational organization;  
  • Bed & breakfast;
  • Dog grooming salon;
  • Consultancy & training company;
  • Property management company.


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